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Surface with onions has increased in the Netherlands

(AMI) - The Dutch statistical office (CBS) has published a first estimation of the onion area 2017. According to this estimate onion surface 2017/18 amounts to 34,930 ha, an increase of 4 %. In comparison to 2016/17. The 5-year average is surpassed by 15 %. It is the highest onion area in the Netherlands ever recorded. The area of sown onions was reported to reach 26,690 ha or 76 % of the total onion area. This is an increase compared to the year before of about 6 %.

In contrast to the development of sown onions the area with set or planted onions (including planting material for next season) has decreased compared to last year (7,810 ha, -2 %). This is the end of a continuous upward trend in the last 5 years.

In the end surface is only one factor influencing the production, more important are yields. They are not yet predictable and will depend on the weather circumstances of the following weeks. After having had a rather difficult marketing season the increase of surface seems quite surprising. In the Dutch agricultural media there was some discussion about the CBS figures. There was unanimity on the increase, but the degree was disputed.

The seed sales inventory for Germany showed a slight decrease (-2 %) for summer sown onions in 2017/18. (July 28, 2017)