European Onion Association 


8 % less Onions in Europe

(AMI) - The Onion crop 2015/16 in the European Union is estimated at 5.45 Mio. t, that is 8 % lower than in the previous season. The crop will probably also stay slightly below (-3 %) the 5 year average. Average sizes are smaller, but this leaves a higher percentage in the preferred size range for supermarket packs. Really big Onions will be in somewhat shorter supply. This is the result of this year’s crop forecast, which was presented at the Euronion Meeting in Middleburg in week 43. The crop prospects are varying within Europe. Yields are usually better in the North and West of Europe and lower in the South and East of Europe. The Netherlands and Spain are the biggest producers in Europe, each harvesting more than 1 Mio. t. Poland, Germany and the UK produce each around 500,000 t and France and Italy between 300,000 t and 400,000 t. (October 26, 2015)