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Germany: Acreage of spring sown onions 2015 has increased

(AMI) - Like in previous years the German onion association "e;Fachverband Deutsche Speisezwiebel e.V. "e; and AMI analyzed the sales of onion seed for the spring sown varieties. Since seed sales increased about 4 %, acreage of summer sown onions will probably rise in the same range. The inquiry does not include winter sown onions and set onions.

According to data of the German Statistical Office in 2014 the acreage of onions (excl. bunched on-ions, incl. shallots) reached 10,200 ha. The acreage of winter sown onions has been decreasing for years and is estimated at 260 ha in 2014. Acreage of sets is estimated at 360 ha like the year before. This leaves a surface of spring sown onions 2014 around 9,600 ha. Consequently an increase of 4 % would lead to an acreage of spring sown onions of about 9,900 ha 2015.

In Germany production of red onions is relatively insignificant, but seed sales have increased considerably in 2015 (+33 %). But even after having increased, the area will remain small. The share of red onions only reaches 4 % of whole area of summer sown onions.

But more important than the change of acreage will be the change of yields. Up to now it is not possible to estimate them, although they are generally believed to be lower than last year. (July 9, 2015)