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EU-Onion crop 2017/18 not much smaller than previous year

(AMI) - Onion harvest in the EU-28, at 6.0 million T in 2017/18, will be just around 1% smaller than in the previous season. However, it must be taken into account that harvest estimates usually determine gross quantities. Read more »

Surface with onions has increased in the Netherlands

(AMI) - The Dutch statistical office (CBS) has published a first estimation of the onion area 2017. According to this estimate onion surface 2017/18 amounts to 34,930 ha, an increase of 4 %. In comparison to 2016/17. The 5-year average is surpassed by 15 %. It is the highest onion area in the Netherlands ever recorded. Read more »

EU: Onion production 2016/17 back to high levels

(AMI) - The onion production for the season 2016/17 in the EU will reach 6.01 million tons, an increase of 9 % compared to last year. Two years ago onion production was already at a comparable level. This year's amount will only miss the record level of 2011/12 by 100,000 t. Read more »

Dutch Exports at record high

(AMI) - From the beginning of the season up to the end of the year onion exports from the Netherlands reached 596,000 T in 2015. This is 8 % more than the year before and about 25 % more than 2013 and a record level. Read more »

8 % less Onions in Europe

(AMI) - The Onion crop 2015/16 in the European Union is estimated at 5.45 Mio. t, that is 8 % lower than in the previous season. The crop will probably also stay slightly below (-3 %) the 5 year average. Average sizes are smaller, but this leaves a higher percentage in the preferred size range for supermarket packs. Read more »

Germany: Acreage of spring sown onions 2015 has increased

(AMI) - Like in previous years the German onion association "Fachverband Deutsche Speisezwiebel e.V." and AMI analyzed the sales of onion seed for the spring sown varieties. Since seed sales increased about 4 %, acreage of summer sown onions will probably rise in the same range. The inquiry does not include winter sown onions and set onions. Read more »

Europe: Smaller onion crops ahead?

(AMI) - Lower yields than last year are reported from many onion growing regions in Europe. This is associated with a high share of small sized onions in the early spring sown varieties. The main reasons for the lower yields are a later start and a drought in many regions. Reliable estimations concerning the later crops are not yet available, the weather circumstances of the coming weeks will be crucial for this. However it seems a safe bet, that yields will not reach the high level of last year. Read more »